ope中国官网, 源于意大利的国际专业电器制造商。1945年成立以来,在60几年里一直致力于通过创新技术和优秀服务,让全球用户享受更高品质的生活。集团旗下拥有十多个专业家电品牌,在全球市场上享有盛誉。如今,数以亿计的CANDY用户遍布世界各地。 

  CANDY 集团的产品不断推陈出新,以尖端的技术和顶级的设计,为消费者提供优质可靠的产品和周全的服务。专业、务实、合作、分享是ope中国官网一直以来的企业文化,CANDY团队正在为全球各地用户精心设计、制作和维护着每一台CANDY产品。


  CANDY Group—a professional household appliances manufacturer from Italy. 
Since its launch in 1945, CANDY Group has been devoted all to improving the quality of family life through technology innovation and improved service. It has more than ten professional household appliances brands, all enjoying high reputation in the international market. 

  CANDY Group offers customers high quality and reliable products with the most up-to-date technology and top design. 
Dedication, pragmatism, coordination and culture sharing are the core values of company culture. CANDY members are designing, manufacturing and maintaining each CANDY product with all their heart.

  CANDY promises: for you, we can do.